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Healthcare professionals

Male and female healthcare students training
Our programmes tend to be highly vocational, focused on enhancing the careers and knowledge base of existing healthcare professionals and others in related fields.

We offer a wide range of medically related resources and programmes that will further develop your knowledge, deepen your understanding and enhance your skills.


Our programmes are highly vocational with a focus on enhancing the careers and knowledge base of existing healthcare professionals and others in related fields.

They aim to provide our professional learners with enhanced academic skills and an understanding of the evidence base that can inform working practices.

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We can also offer more intensive short courses and standalone modules which allow you to gain additional knowledge and academic skills to apply in your workplace or further your career.

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How to guides

Our ‘how-to’ series provides accessible information on a wide range of topical issues in Medical Education.

Produced by the Academic Section of Medical Education, the guides are aimed at busy clinicians and provide a comprehensive overview of a range of educational topics in a readily accessible format.

Guide titleAuthor
Assess Trainees in the Clinical Workplace Using the Mini-CEXLynne Allery
Consider the Role of Appraisal and Feedback in GP EducationJoe Campbell and Steffi Williams
Evaluate Work-Based LearningKim Carter, Jill Edwards, Imam Mohammed, Irnei Myemba, John Rees, Martin Sullivan (with Lesley Pugsley)
Be an Effective Trainer in the Appraisal ProcessHoward Long
Be an Active AppraiserTrevor Austin
Plan Trainees' Learning as an Educational SupervisorStephen Brigley
Give Feedback in an Educational SettingPeter Donnelly and Paul Kirk
Get More from Evaluation Forms Through Delayed FeedbackJake Smith, Elaine Russ and Dr Mark Stacey
Use Novel Techniques to Evaluate Your TeachingJames Hotham, Doaa Farag, Min-Ping Huang, Raja Adnan Ahmed, Alexandra Rinnert
Guide titleAuthor
How to Encourage Student and Trainees to Get Started in Medical EducationAshley Newton
Meet the Educational Needs of Refugee DoctorsMajid Jalil and Stephen Brigley
Get to Grips with Educational TheoryLesley Pugsley
Identify Learning NeedsHarish Thampy
Study EffectivelyLesley Pugsley
Use Mobile Devices in Medical EducationMark Stacey, Paul Kirk and Peter Donnelly
Understand Portfolio-based LearningJohn Pitts
Overcome barriers to effective work-based learningZareena Jedaar, Ceri Marrin - with Lesley Pugsley
Make the most of Learning Moments and Hot ReviewsSimon Smail, Tom Hayes and Lesley Pugsley
Collaborate Online as a Small GroupSarah Al-Amodi, Suzanna Mathew, Judith Fox, Ramsey Sabit and Anna Patricolo
Get the Most from Electronic Learning (for trainees)Peter Donnelly and Joel Benson
Guide titleAuthor
How to Implement a Learners as Partners Educational Strategy in Medical EducationLucy Webb, Dan Walker, Sajad Ahmed and Soraya Chatchawalanon
How To Design Virtual Learning Environments for use in Patient EducationWafa Alotaibi, Cheryl Anderson, Anand Ganesan, Hugh Gripper, Sofia Hadjieconomou and Shiva Shanmugaratnam
How To Create a Virtual Learning Environment using Edmodo®Dena Pitrola, Dani Firman, Craig Planello, Arpita Gandhi, Shouja Alam and Yanmei Li
How To Maximise Ward-based LearningCelia Beynon, Sejal Bhatt, Eley Chiu, Joanna Webb and Yaser Zeitoun
How To Apply Ethical Principles When Involving Patients in Clinical TeachingLaura Duerden, Gill Salmon, Stephen Usher and Mohamed Alshahrani
How To Use Authentic Learning Experiences in your TeachingKhalid Almisnid, Emma Wales, Robert Whitham and Summia Zaher
How To Manage the Emotional Needs of Learners in Teaching SessionsCeri Evans, Abdulmohsen Alomair, Nada Bashar, Jayan George, Maung Moe, Madeleine Attridge, Penny Blake, Dafydd Evans and Lisa Railton
How To Develop Case Based Tasks and ScenariosJanet MacDonald
How To Flip the ClassroomSimon Li
How To Obtain Effective Feedback on your TeachingDr Sue West-Jones, Dr Daniel Rigler, Dr Syed Hammad Hassan and Dr Joel Tay
How to Make Use of Educational GamesLynne Allery
How To Teach in the Clinical SettingClive J Gibson
How To Teach EthicsStephen Brigley
Use TV Dramas in Medical EducationRuth Williams, Lowri Evans and Norah Talal Alshareef
Teach Practical SkillsLynne Allery
Use Small Groups to Invigorate your TeachingLynne Allery
Teach ProfessionalismHarish Thampy, Catherine Gwynne, Rhiannon Foulkes, Rhodri Codd and Simon Burling
Teach Reflective PracticeCindy Johnson and James Bird
Use Questioning to Enhance LearningJanet Macdonald
Use the World Café concept to create an interactive learning environmentLiz Anderson
Use Audience Response SystemsHarish Thampy and Zirva Ahmad
Spice-up Your LecturesStephen Brigley
Teach with Patients PresentStirling Pugh
Give an Effective PresentationLesley Pugsley
Develop your Teaching through Peer ReviewJanet MacDonald and Clare Kell
Create a Poster PresentationAdesh Ramsewak
Design and Develop HandoutsTom Hayes and Lesley Pugsley
Design an Effective Power Point PresentationLesley Pugsley
Develop Teaching Briefs and Plan Teaching SessionsJanet MacDonald and Rhys ap Delwyn Phillips
Deal with Challenging Group MembersLynne Allery
Run Simulation in Your WorkplaceChris Lambert and Huw Lloyd-Williams
Identify learning outcomes for learning agreementsJanet MacDonald
Involve Patients and Carers in Training Health ProfessionalsDr Alka S Ahuja
Give Written FeedbackDr Alan Stone
Be a Good MentorZoe Morris-Williams and Andrew Grant
Assess Reflective PracticeRini Paul, Andrew J Beamish, Victoria E.A. Suter, Chetan K. Ruprai, Iyad Al-Muzaffar and Wichuda Jiraporncharoen
Coach at WorkSally Blake and Peter Donnelly
Become Recognised for Your TeachingJohn Bligh and Julie Browne
Create a Free Online Educational ResourceMike Johnson
Energise Your Learners with IcebreakersSabrina Vitello, Maimoona Ali, Claire Spolton-Dean, Lance Watkins,
Deepa Balachandran Nair, Mohamed Bayoumi-Ali
Overcome Some of the Challenges Facing
Interprofessional Education in Healthcare
Matthew Jaring, Dumrongrat Lertrattananon, Hashim Samir
Create Effective Instructional VideosKarl Luke
How to Effectively Use Synchonous Virtual Classroom TechnologiesKarl Luke
How to apply a pedagogy of care in the virtual environmentMichal Tombs
How to conduct a stakeholder analysis when designing an educational interventionIsmail Memon, Jennifer Grey, Pongpisut Thakhampaeng and Kosta Morley

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