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Extra-curricular activities

It's not all work, work, work... we want you to enjoy your time here and that means life outside of your studies.

Students taking part in 'Restart a Heart Day'.
Joining a club or society is one of the best ways to meet new people.

We have a range of clubs and societies that will allow you to meet lots of people and encourage you to try new things.

Sporting teams

Our medic sporting teams are hugely popular. We have teams in Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball and of course our highly successful Cardiff Medicals Rugby Club. Each of these are set up to work around your timetable allowing you to perform the best you can without affecting your studies.

Cardiff University Research Society (CUReS)

CUReS is a student-led society that aims to improve research opportunities for medical students in Cardiff and help facilitate the connection between academics and students.

Many activities and events are held throughout the year including taster days where you can spend a day with a particular research group, our CUReS Symposium where you will get chance to present your research, plus the monthly talks, research skills development events and information evenings.

We also facilitate the numerous summer projects that medical students can apply to take part in.

Find out more about CUReS.

Charity and volunteering work

Medical students are hugely active when it comes to charity and volunteering work.

No matter what your interests are, we are sure to have a society that you can get involved with. Cardiff University has dozens of health-related charities and societies to choose from. Here are a few examples:

  • Teddy Bear Hospital - a student led society with an aim to reduce children's fears of hospitals, doctors and dentists through play.
  • Friends of Médecins sans Frontières - Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) exists to save lives by providing medical aid where it is needed most. We are committed to raising awareness and funds for MSF.
  • Wilderness Expedition Medicine Society (WEMS) - Offering exciting and educational opportunities which are very different experiences to those in a lecture theatre, the aim being to equip our members with hands on, practical teaching in the treatment of medical emergencies in a remote setting.
  • SKIP Cardiff - SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) is a national, entirely volunteer-led charity which aims to develop and maintain sustainable, community-based projects to improve the health, education and welfare of vulnerable children.

Explore all of our clubs, societies and activities.


MedSoc is Cardiff University’s award winning student- led medical society.

With a dedicated committee and close attachment with the School of Medicine, we aim to provide you with the best university experience possible. Whether it be supporting your academic, social or welfare needs – we as MedSoc are here to represent you across all years of the course.

We host a variety of excellent events: From the successful ‘Careers evening’ and the large selection of useful revision sessions all the way to the various formal balls such as Freshers’ and Halfway Ball. We run the exciting ‘Christmas Social,’ as well as various movie nights and inclusivity events, we can guarantee that there is something in there for everyone.

For full details on all our activities and how to become a member follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Every year around 350 medic students and staff are joined by colleagues, family and friends who all come together to celebrate excellence in medical education.

Surgam, Latin for 'I shall rise', is an event designed to inspire, to reward, to motivate and to demonstrate the pride we take in our students and staff.

Awards are presented to both students and staff to celebrate the worthwhile, impressive and inspiring things they do within the curriculum and outside of it.

Explore all Cardiff University Students' Union clubs, societies and activities.