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Postgraduate research

Our underlying aim is to ensure the optimum 'translation' of fundamental knowledge to patient benefit.

Our core research divisions focus on chronic disease and applied health research. They are aligned with the interests of the NHS and reflect national healthcare needs and priorities.

We aim to provide postgraduate students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a career in academia, health, industry and related sectors.

Research opportunities

Cancer and GeneticsPhD/MPhil/MDPhD 3-4 years, MPhil 1 year, MD 1 year
Infection and ImmunityPhD/MPhil/MDPhD 3-4 years, MPhil 1 year, MD 2 year
Medical EducationPhD/MPhilPhD 3-4 years, MPhil 1 year
Population MedicinePhD/MPhil/MDPhD 3-4 years, MPhil 1 year, MD 2 year
Psychological Medicine and Clinical NeurosciencesPhD/MPhil/MDPhD 3 years, MPhil 1 year, MD 2 year