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We have a range of modern clinical and learning facilities to support and underpin our medical programmes.

Cochrane Medical Education Centre

Cochrane building
Cochrane building

More than £18 million has been invested in our flagship facility which is the home to medical education in the School.

The facilities include the Clinical Skills Centre, a high-technology medical Simulation Centre and a library. It's superbly equipped to be the hub of student life. You'll find student support services here, as well as excellent seminar rooms and all the conveniences you'd expect, such as wireless access throughout.

The centre is shared with students studying other healthcare disciplines, helping create new opportunities for inter-professional learning and collaboration.

Clinical Skills Centre

Clinical Skills Centre
Medical students practising their clinical skills

Full of modern, specialist equipment, our centre provides a safe facility for you to develop practical skills and gain valuable experience.

Our teaching focuses on mastering the 32 key practical skills set out by the General Medical Council (GMC) and a range of physical examination skills so that you are ready for your first day as a junior doctor.

We have a variety of versatile teaching rooms with audiovisual and computerised facilities that allow us to deliver everything from communication skills to basic life support.

Simulation Centre

Simulation Centre
One of our simulation rooms

Assessing an acutely unwell patient, monitoring vital signs, making and implementing management decisions; this is all part of life as a junior doctor. Our centre provides a safe, supported environment to enact out clinical scenarios. We want you understand how to safely and calmly handle situations that arise.

Our facility has four simulation rooms and four teaching rooms. Simulation rooms contain adult patient manikins in what looks, and feels, like a real clinical setting. Strategically placed cameras allow live play and video playback, enabling you and your peers to learn both as participants and observers.

Modern lecture theatres and communal spaces

Medic Lecture Theatre
Main lecture theatre

We have a fantastic selection of teaching and learning facilities, each of which are furnished with the latest audio and video capture technology.

Our large lecture theatres can accommodate more than 400 students at a time allowing us to deliver large group learning.

Student common room
Student common room

We also have several classrooms that are ideal for small group learning and interactive workshops.

In addition to these learning facilities we have a common room and a student union hub (dubbed the IV lounge).

Here the students are able to relax, socialise and engage with one another in-between their studies.

Keir Hardie Health Park

This £35m facility is unique in providing health and social care services under one roof, making the best facilities available in the areas where people need them the most.

Keir Hardie Medical Education Centre
Keir Hardie Medical Education Centre

The site also boasts a £2.8m state-of-the art Academic Centre which opened its doors to University medical students in 2015.

The Academic Centre was built in response to a shared vision between Cwm Taf University Health Board and Cardiff University to establish a teaching and research base for undergraduate medical trainees in Merthyr Tydfil with a strong emphasis on community medicine and direct patient contact.

Between 60 and 90 medical students go through its doors each week to develop their skills with hands-on experience of the care settings around Merthyr Tydfil and the Cynon Valley.

Anatomy Centre

Ask around and you'll discover that anatomy is a widely popular subject amongst our students, often one of the highlights of their medical school career.

As a student, you will be studying anatomy in our impressive Anatomy Centre on Cathays Campus, laying the foundation for an exciting and successful future in medicine.