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C21 medical programme

C21 started life as a project to update our MBBCh programme; like many courses, ours had evolved over many years and it was still good but not as good as we knew it could be.

C21 in 21 words....

Modernised curriculum with more small group teaching, more patient contact and earlier finals to make better doctors, based on scientific evidence.

What is C21?

Strong research evidence shows that today's medical students require new ways of teaching and learning to become successful doctors. As a provider of newly-trained doctors, we are faced with changing demands from the NHS, the government and the GMC, all requiring action. All of this meant that we needed to change. It had to be done well and so the C21 project was born.

Our improvements have involved academics and medical education experts and collaboration with thousands of students and clinicians across Wales. Led by Professor John Bligh, a leading expert in curriculum reform, the C21 project has changed Cardiff's curriculum out of all recognition.

We've made a point of listening to the feedback of students and professionals about what was, and wasn't, working well and our improvements are evidence-based as we learn from the experience of leading medical schools around the world.

The new course has been phased in and best practice we’re adopting has, in many cases, also been built into the traditional course. We're getting fantastic feedback from our students that things have definitely improved.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about C21 please contact: