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C21 medical programme

C21 started life as a project to update our MBBCh programme; like many courses, ours had evolved over many years and it was still good but not as good as we knew it could be.

The name stuck, and our undergraduate Medicine degree is generally known as C21 by students and staff.

C21 in a few words

Flexible curriculum with small group teaching, significant patient contact and well-timed clinical assessments to allow students to make the most of working on the wards during their final year.


We make a point of listening to the feedback of students and professionals about how things are working and our improvements are evidence-based as we learn from our own experience and the experience of leading medical schools around the world.

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has enhanced our partnership, working with our NHS placement providers in both primary and secondary care, ensuring that our students are flexible, resilient and ready to work in the current NHS.

We get fantastic feedback from our students and NHS teaching partners, who tell us that C21 prepares good medical students to become great doctors.