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Video looking at public involvement in our research

Engagement in the School of Medicine is an embedded aspect of academic work that plays a vital role in enhancing the School’s core activity of research, education and training.

Engagement activity generates dialogue and trust between research and society, ensuring the results of our work reach out beyond the usual environments of academia, business and government.

It inspires the next generation of talent and broadens and informs public attitude, enhances the quality, relevance and impact of the research we do and contributes to the future economy and well-being of society.

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Engagement activities

Engagement activities

We host a wide range of activities, working with schools and involving public and patients in our research.


Engagement visual
  • To stimulate a reflexive and responsive research community that engages the public within the research cycle when there is a job to be done and where public involvement adds value and maximises impact.
  • To enrich and enhance the student learning experience, develop skills and sow the seeds to inspire the next generation of talent.

We engage by talking, listening, inspiring, informing, being relevant and contributing.

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If you're interested in engaging with us or if you would like to learn more about our engagement activities, please contact:

Medic Engagement