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Parents and supporters

How we can help you contact or judge the wellbeing of your young adult when they are at university.

Help for parents

In an emergency

If you have any immediate and serious concerns about a student's health or wellbeing, please contact the Security Office on +44 (0)29 2087 4444.

The office is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Concerned about a student

If you are concerned about a student, but it's not an emergency, please complete the student concern form.

We aim to respond to your query within 1 working day. Our office hours are 10:00 - 16:00, from Monday to Friday during term time only.

Raise a concern

Contacting a student

We understand that sometimes you may want to contact your student but be unable to do so.

We recognise our students as independent adults, therefore we need their consent to talk to anyone outside the university about them, including parents and guardians.

We cannot confirm to a parent or guardian if someone is a student at the university, or their whereabouts, but we will follow up on any concerns raised.

Trusted contacts

In some circumstances, when we have serious concerns about a student’s heath or wellbeing, we may contact their trusted contact.

A trusted contact is someone the student nominates, whom they trust to handle sensitive information about them and the university can contact if there are serious concerns about a student.

In all cases, contacting a trusted contact is done with the student’s best interest in mind. It aims to engage the student’s personal support networks, who can help keep the student safe and well. In most circumstances, we will agree this with the student in the first instance.

We rely on students to provide trusted contact details at the time of registering with the university and keeping the details up to date and relevant.

Guidance for students

Services for current students

Explore the student services available at Cardiff University.

Supporting a new student

View tips for those supporting new students as they prepare to start at university.