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Operating Theatre Suite

Theatre suite
Theatre skills suite

Our Theatre Suite contains all the equipment that can be found in a standard operating theatre.

It is comprised of three discreet spaces which reflect the three key specialities for perioperative practice:

  • anaesthesia 
  • surgery 
  • post anaesthesia recovery.

The Suite is designed so students at all levels of their training and from all subjects can develop their clinical and non clinical skills in a safe environment. It can be used to teach basic skills for all undergraduate healthcare students, for example patient monitoring and hand washing.

The equipment also facilitates the teaching of more complex clinical skills specific to perioperative practice, including:

  • airway management 
  • invasive monitoring 
  • surgical patient positioning 
  • surgical scrub
  • creation and maintenance of sterile fields
  • post anaesthesia 
  • emergency care.


The Suite utilises our high-tech SMOTS camera system, which enables student to practice their skills, observe and critically analyse their performance in both technical and non technical skills, for example communication and situational awareness.

It also benefits from an interactive patient simulator, that can be used for a range of resuscitation type scenario teaching as well as assisting with the development of extended skills such as patient examination and assessment.