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We integrate analytic, continental and empirical approaches to Philosophy.

Our research ranges mainly over mind and value, with research strengths in philosophy of psychology, feminist philosophy, moral psychology, consciousness, rationality, belief, epistemic virtue, and aesthetic value. 

Publications and talks are the vehicles of philosophy. We run a research seminar with visiting speakers and a work-in-progress seminar for staff and doctoral students. We’re also home to a branch of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, which holds regular public philosophy events and the prestigious Cardiff Annual Lecture. 

We believe in interdisciplinary research and in the public value of philosophy, collaborating with colleagues in Linguistics and Psychology. We regularly contribute to blogs, magazines, podcasts, and public events. We host the blog Open for Debate

Professor Nicholas Shackel is the 2021-2022 recipient of the Mind Senior Research Fellowship for his project on Bertrand’s Paradox and the Principle of Indifference.