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Research clusters

Among the most distinctive features of the School’s research is the creative-critical impetus that energises our work.

By incorporating creative approaches into scholarly inquiry or drawing critical-conceptual insight from creative experimentation, our work is responsive to, and invigorated by, multiple disciplinary methodologies. This enables staff to team up around trans-disciplinary clusters in mutually enriching ways.

Our six research clusters are:

  • digital cultures
  • visual cultures
  • gender and sexuality
  • language and health
  • welsh cultures
  • ethics and language.

Key projects

Explore key project highlights led by these clusters.

Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse

As part of the ethics and language cluster, ‘Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse’ project will develop and test practical interventions to reduce arrogance in debate.

CorcenCC: The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh

As part of the Welsh cultures and digital cultures clusters, CorCenCC is a freely accessible collection of multiple language samples, gathered from real-life communication.

Object Women: A history of women in photography

Object Women is the first sustained attempt to use the social media platform Instagram for dedicated art-historical enquiry.

Image Works

Image Works is a group of academics—art historians, media and communication specialists, philosophers, film scholars, and more—who join with students, artists, and practitioners in exploring visual culture in the broadest sense.