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Investigator(s) Funder Title Start date End date Amount (£)
Dr Dawn Knight and Prof Tess Fitzpatrick (with the School of Welsh and the School of Computer Science, Lancaster University, Bangor University and Swansea University)  Economic & Social Research Council and Arts & Humanities Research Council Corpws Cenedlaethol Cymraeg Cyfoes (The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh): A community driven approach to linguistic corpus construction 1 March 2016 31 August 2019 1,800,000
Dr Julia Thomas Arts & Humanities Research Council Lost visions: Retrieving the visual element of printed books, 1789-1918 1 January 2014 1 April 2015 351,980
Dr Frances Rock and Professor Angela Creese (University of Birmingham) Arts & Humanities Research Council - Translating Cultures Large Grant Translation and translanguaging: Investigating linguistic and culture transformation in superdiverse wards in four UK cities 1 April 2014 31 March 2018 327,823
Dr Tristan Hughes and Dr Richard Gwyn  Arts & Humanities Research Council Landscape, history and creative writing: The Massey Sisters 15 September 2010 14 September 2015 210,231
Dr Jonathan Webber Arts & Humanities Research Council Rethinking Existentialism 15 June 2015 14 January 2016 68,341
Dr Anthony Mandal REACT Hyde REACT alumni support 13 April 2015 31 December 2015 50,000
Professor Alison Wray and Professor Tess Fitzpatrick BRACE Linguistic markers of risk for future Alzheimer's Disease 1 October 2014 31 January 2016 39,995
Professor Radhika Mohanram Arts & Humanities Research Council Partitions: What are they good for? 1 March 2013 30 June 2015 32,157
Dr Anthony Mandal, Dr Dawn Knight and Dr Julia Thomas (with Modern Languages; Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies; and History, Archaeology and Religion) Cardiff AHSS Network Scheme AHSS Network: Digital Humanities 1 December 2015 31 July 2016 24,999
Prof Alison Wray, Prof Tess Fitzpatrick, Dr Andreas Buerki, with Dr Claudia Metzger-Baddeley (Psychology)  Wellcome Trust ISSF Humanities Collaborative AwardInvestigating propositional density as a linguistic marker of Alzheimer’s disease risk   24,000
Dr Gerard O'Grady Language Learning New theoretical perspectives on communicative dynamism above, below and across the clause 1 November 2013 30 April 2015 6,133
Professor Martin WillisArts & Humanities Research Council - Image GalleryImage and Image-Making in the Medical Humanities: Capturing the Conditions of Seizures1 March 20161 March 20164,000
Dr Lise Fontaine Cardiff Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme Cardiff Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme 10 August 2015 31 July 2016 3,572
Dr Tom Bartlett  Cardiff Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme Cardiff Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme 10 August 2015 31 July 2016 3,091
Dr Tom Bartlett Economic & Social Research Council Sustainability on the edge 1 July 2015 30 June 2015 3,000
Professor Alison Wray  Economic & Social Research Council Communicative impact in dementia care 1 May 2015 30 April 2016 3,000