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Knowledge exchange and CPD

Access a range of consultancy and professional development opportunities by working in partnership with us.

We can advise on the opportunities for government grants which can be used to provide innovative research to help make your business or organisation more competitive.

One of our aims is developing embedded partnerships where we can collaborate on:

  • knowledge exchange
  • innovation and applied research
  • the provision of high quality graduates
  • large-scale funded collaborative research and development projects.
Industrial R&D

We also work with businesses and organisations on a range of smaller scale projects which might involve the development of a particular product or support to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Several of our Professors and some of our research centres are sponsored by research partners. They undertake research that is complementary to the interests of the company, bringing their specialist knowledge to support company technical planning and scientific decision making.

Partnerships with industry and governing bodies facilitate the implementation of this research into practical and commercially viable approaches. Academic experts may also be seconded into industry, or industry experts be invited to work inside the School of Engineering in areas of common interest.

Knowledge Exchange

These programmes provide access to research staff to help you with product innovation and process development. We support a wide variety of knowledge exchange programmes, some of which may have funding or other support available:

We have a proven track record of successfully working with companies of all sizes on more than 60 KTPs or the preceding TCSs over the past 40 years. These are collaborative projects involving the School, your organisation, and a recent graduate who will be based with you on a topic which is determined by the needs of your organisation. We can work closely with you to develop this project and apply for the appropriate funding.

Find out more about some of our previous partnerships:

Continuing Professional Development

We have a specialist team to facilitate professional development opportunities to raise engineering skills. Options include flexible access to some taught modules and the creation of bespoke training in highly specialist fields.

Find out more about one of our professional development projects: