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Our facilities

Our technology

We aim to advance economic and social prosperity by helping to turn ideas and innovations into products, technologies, spin-outs and start-ups.

Our technological aspirations are driven by applying cutting-edge research, transferring our technologies, business development and by student enterprise.

We have an enviable record in creating, exchanging and transferring knowledge. We do this in many ways - through open innovation, training courses, industry secondment, technology licensing, and spin-out companies or through programmes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Our facilities

We can provide access to the School’s world class facilities and laboratories along with highly skilled and experienced academic and technical staff. Opportunities to work with our facilities include prototyping and/or testing.

Access our equipment

We can provide supervised or proxy access to our specialised equipment or facilities with pay-as-you-go or monthly/yearly access available including technician support as required. The duration and cost depends on the level of equipment access and support needed.

Access our technology

Cardiff knows all about turning world-class research into commercial success. Some 85% of all intellectual property (IP) income raised by Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Wales is generated by the University.

Making our innovative research available to business is a key part of our mission. In doing so, we aim to improve the competitiveness, productivity and access of industry and commerce.

You can license our new products and processes by contacting our Technology Transfer office. We also actively work in partnership to establish joint ventures and new companies.

Sponsor our facilities

We welcome sponsorship of our facilities through funding or contributing equipment to a facility such as a laboratory or work space.

Sponsorship increases your company’s profile with staff and students, ensuring they are familiar with company equipment so that graduates are ready for employment, potentially with your organisation.

The duration and cost depend on size of facility and extent of involvement sought.