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Work with our researchers

We are delivering profound new insights into the physical and engineering world around us.

Research collaboration

Our international research is of the highest calibre, earning some £20 million in research income in 2015/16. For example, in a joint venture with world-leading semiconductor wafer company IQE, we have created the Compound Semiconductor Centre and along with our own Institute for Compound Semiconductors and the Innovate UK funded Compound Semiconductor Catapult, are involved in creating the world's first compound semiconductor cluster in Wales.

We support a dynamic research environment organised into a number of groups often working closely with other researchers across Cardiff University and internationally. In addition, we have several Research Institutes that further support collaborative research across the University and beyond.

In all of our research we aim to optimise impact in order to address contemporary and future environmental, social, health and economic challenges. We are also supported by world-class facilities that can be used to explore models, materials, systems and technologies.

Our research and development projects are regularly undertaken on behalf of, or co-working with, companies or other research-users. Core scientific investigations undertaken within the School, at lower technology readiness levels, provide our partners with the opportunity to provide input to the direction of the research. This research often attracts significant levels of public funding and industrial involvement in the work is usually vital in securing that funding and supporting effective outcomes from the work.

Ways you can work with us

There are many ways we can work together and we will find the right solution for you. The duration and cost depends on the type of work and the level of expertise required.

Contract research or academic consultancy

This gives you access to academic expertise with a pre-agreed project plan.

The work can involve high level analysis of test outcomes and is useful where external funding is unlikely or intellectual property or confidentiality is important.

Expertise informed by research can often offer a unique perspective.

Industry or organisation funded research

This provides access to academic, research and usually technical expertise around a specific issue with a research agreement between you and the University; this relationship can be highly beneficial to both sides.

This could be for explorative research which can lead to publications or conference presentations of ground-breaking findings as well as practical benefits for your organisation.

It is possible to protect commercially sensitive data and this can be agreed in advance.

External funding from Research Councils such as EPSRC may be available.

Embedded partnership

A high level strategic and embedded relationship which can be based around a specific thematic area, can be more broadly defined, or can even cross disciplines.

These are multi-faceted and often underpinned by a senior management committee which aligns research themes or other mutual interests.

Collaborative research and other undertakings may be developed which underpin partnerships.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK issues competitive calls each year focused on various themes for industry-led academic collaboration.

Typically up to 50% of the cost is covered by a grant or innovation voucher and work can be spread between several specialist partners.

We have been involved with successful collaborations of this nature and welcome the opportunity for future involvement.

Collaborative research

Periodically funding bodies such as Horizon 2020 or the Research Fund for Coal and Steel issue competitive calls focussing on themes which are ideal for academic and industrial collaboration.

Typically up to 50% of the cost can be covered by the grant and the work programmes can be spread across specialist partners in different countries.