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Impact at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Our research is working to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy, and the environment.

We collaborate with national and international organisations to translate our research expertise into a broad spectrum of societal and industrial applications.

Highlight case studies

Solving taste and odour problems in drinking water supply

Our research found the causes of taste and odour problems affecting the UK's water supply.

Addressing the environmental impact of hydrocarbon extraction on continental margins

Our research has helped global oil and gas companies to explore and extract hydrocarbons more safely and efficiently.

Advancing exploration methods for gold and copper

Our research provided world-leading gold and copper mining companies with improved models of ore formation.

Creating new strategies for the discovery of magmatic ore deposits

Our research discovered highly prospective exploration tracts and new magmatic ore deposits in countries across the world.

Protecting communities and preserving environments

Working alongside mining companies all over the world, Professor Wolfgang Maier has helped to prevent the relocation of local communities and protect culturally sensitive land, all whilst providing enormous cost savings.