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Our internationally recognised research is making new discoveries and positive impacts on the world we live in.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences embraces the full complexity and diversity of Earth System Science. Our research centres and groups investigate natural processes that evolve over a wide range of time and spatial scales, shaping the world around us.

Human activities are also shaping our environment. To support the co-existence of healthy and sustainable environments under increasing pressure from human settlements and their enterprises, we work in partnership with communities and industries to find future pathways.

To support our researchers, we invest in school resources that provide sophisticated laboratory, computational and field equipment. The access and upkeep of our resources are ensured by our professional technical and administrative research support staff.

Research ship collecting marine samples

Research centres and groups

Bringing together expertise across the School to work on significant research projects.

A disused quarry


Our research is working to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy, and the environment.

The Guiding Light, our research vessel


Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment underpin research in all branches of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

North Atlantic Circulation


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