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Rocky Shore Team
Geocaching with the Severn Estuary Partnership.

Our engagement activities generate discussion and trust between research and society, ensuring the results of our work reach out beyond academia, business, and government, into local communities.

You can take part in our programme of public lectures, demonstrations and school outreach activities which can be delivered in a school classroom or our labs. Each activity is tailored to the age and ability of the students, so they are encouraged and engaged throughout.

We also deliver a wide range of public engagement activities that you can get involved in.

Severn Estuary Partnership

View a video about the Severn Estuary Partnership

Set up in 1995, the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) is an independent, estuary-wide non-statutory initiative led by local authorities and statutory agencies. We work with all those involved in the management of the estuary, from planners to port authorities, fishermen to farmers and many more with an interest in the future of the estuary.

Public engagement and outreach are central to the work of SEP. With support from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Welsh Government, SEP launched Discover the Severn in July 2018.

Discover the Severn

This is a community-focused project designed to connect or reconnect coastal communities with the coastline of the Severn Estuary to promote healthier lifestyles, improved access to nature and nature-based learning and personal well-being. The project was based in three communities in south Wales;

  • Castleland in Barry
  • Grangetown in Cardiff
  • Pilgwenlly in Newport.

There is a wealth of opportunity for recreation along the Severn Estuary from water sports to history walks, from rock-pooling to landscape photography. Discover the Severn aimed to promote access and recreation along the Severn Estuary in a number of ways.

The project ended in December 2019, but all of the different activities produced throughout Discover the Severn can be found on the website.

Severn Estuary
Working in partnership for the future of the Severn Estuary

Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset

Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset (LFCSS) is a community campaign funded by Wessex Water to protect bathing water quality and reduce beach and marine litter along the Severn Estuary coastline by encouraging and empowering individuals, local communities, businesses and schools to make informed decisions that ultimately reduce environmental impact.

LFCSS has developed a number of community campaigns and projects to tackle these issues:



  • Business Award Scheme – A voluntary business accreditation scheme to explore various aspects of local businesses with a view to reducing their impact on the coastal environment.
  • School Coastal Championships League – A voluntary school accreditation scheme, working with local schools to make changes that will benefit local nature, waterways and coastal environments.


  • 'Don’t Feed the Locals' – a campaign to encourage individuals to not feed seagulls as their faeces can impact the quality of bathing water quality.
  • #OnlyRainDowntheDrain – encouraging people not to dispose anything down storm water drains which can lead directly to rivers and lakes, eventually reaching the sea.
  • Fats Oils and Greases – a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of pouring fats, oils or greases down the sink which can lead to fatbergs, blockages and eventually pollution incidents.
  • Dog Fouling – encouraging people to pick up and bag their dog poo and dispose correctly.
  • #BinYourButt – campaign to encourage individuals to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.
  • #KeepItClean – a social media-based campaign to encourage individuals to keep their local beach clean and take their litter home.
  • #BringYourBeachHome – a social media campaign to keep people connected with their local beaches and blue space throughout COVID-19 lockdown.

Save our Saltmarsh

Saltmarsh tank experiment

Funded through the RESILCOAST and CoastWEB projects, we have developed two wave tanks that allow us to demonstrate a range of topics, including coastal management, coastal flooding and working with nature as a mechanism of flood management.

The tanks have been on something of a road trip over recent years, participating in the 2018 Greenman Festival, Soapbox Science, Pint of Science and the Welsh national Eisteddfod .

Find out more about some of these events.

Through engaging with the tanks, we encourage people to ‘control the tides’ and become the ‘wave makers’.  Each tank examines a different aspect of salt marshes, as an example of working with nature to effectively protect our coastlines.

Participants are invited to manage the coastline of a small (Lego!) village, examining the best way to protect it from storms and sea level rise. The activity showcases the value of working with nature, and the importance of understanding our coastlines in order to properly address the impacts associated with climate change.

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