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Resources for students

The following assistive software and apps are available for free or as a limited trial. Click on the software or app below to be redirected to the relevant website to download these resources.


Sonocent Audio Notetaker

This software allows you to combine lecture audio recordings, photographs and Powerpoints of lecture slides with your own notes. It can be used with Sonocent Recorder (below).

Visit the Sonocent webpage for more information

Sonocent Link (free)

This app allows you to record audio using your smartphone (Android and IOS). The app can be used in conjuction with Audio Notetaker (above).

Visit the Google Play store to access the sonocent Link App

Visit the Apple Store to access the Sonocent Link App

Glean App ( 30 Day Free Trial)

This is a Google Chrome browser-based app that can be used online or offline to help you take better notes, pinpoint important information, and keep a recording of class meetings.

Click here for a free trial of Glean

Research and reading

Texthelp Read & Write

This is text-to-speech software, which reads aloud on-screen text, including scanned text, word processed text and online text. Also included are screen tinting and screen ruler options to allow you to read more comfortably.

Visit the Texthelp webpage for more information

ClaroRead Pro

An alternative text-to-speech software, which reads out on-screen text. This software also includes screen tinting to alleviate the symptoms of visual stress.

Visit the ClaroRead webpage for more information

Grammar and spellchecking

Ginger software (free)

This is a spelling and grammar checker which provides whole sentence, context based spell checking for improved correction accuracy. The software also includes word prediction, text reader and dictionary features.

Visit the Ginger Webpage to start the free software

Grammarly (Free version)

Grammarly is an automated proofreader that offers automated context based corrections for spelling, grammar and vocabulary.  The software not only flags issues but also offers suggestions for correction.  The software works in conjunction with Microsoft office applications as well as leading web browsers.  Registering an account with Grammarly will further provide access to the free downloads for the Grammarly for MS Office application.

Click here for your free version of Grammarly

Merriam-Webster dictionary (free)

This dictionary app includes voice search functionality.

Click here for the free Merriam-Webster app

Visual planning and mind-mapping

MindView (30 day trial)

This software allows you to create mind maps for organising your research materials, planning assignments and developing ideas.

Click here for your free Mindview trial

Inspiration (30 Day Trial)

Alternative mind mapping software that allows you to create mind maps to organize materials research, plan assignments and develop ideas.

Click here for your Free Inspiration Trial for Windows

Study skills

Cardiff University Academic Study Skills

Offering  a wide range of classes, online tutorials and other support to help you improve your study techniques and write to a university standard.

Visit our Academic Study Skills Page for further information