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Our staff are active members in the research community locally, nationally and globally. We are involved in numerous groups and our research aligns with the college research themes and activity.


Advanced Therapies Group

The work of the group is focused on polymer therapies derived from nature in applied research.

Dental Public Health Unit

Our research focuses on oral health improvement and ranges from clinical trials of preventive dental technologies to studies designed to further understanding of and actions to address oral health inequalities.

Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Research Group

Our research has had a wide impact, benefitting orthodontic treatment and developing novel approaches to manage recurrent orofacial herpetic lesions.

Matrix Biology and Tissue Repair

Our research aims to understand and manipulate the interface between extracellular matrix (ECM) and the diversity of cells in the craniofacial complex.

Microbial Diseases Research Group

Our research has significant focus on the involvement of microbial biofilms in a wide range of human infections.

Regenerative Biology Group

Our research aims to enhance understanding of the cellular and molecular regulating the repair and regenration of oral, dental, dermal and neural tissues, during health and disease - delivering strong translational knowledge for patient benefit.

Welsh Oral Health Information Unit

The Welsh Oral Health Information Unit (WOHIU) works with the Wales Dental Epidemiology Co-ordinator to plan and deliver the NHS Dental Survey Programme for Wales.