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Our staff are active members in the research community locally, nationally and globally. We are involved in numerous groups and our research aligns with the college research themes and activity.



Advanced Therapies

The work of the group is focused on polymer therapies derived from nature in applied research.



Our aim is to further our understanding of biological systems, to develop the next generation of biomaterial technologies for patient benefit.

An infant learning about oral health

Dental Public Health

Our research aims to inform and improve dental health and care across Wales and beyond, and contribute to the evidence base for effective preventive dental care.

Dental education

Dental Education

Exploring how oral health professional education can be delivered effectively in a wide range of contexts.

Improving dentistry

Improving Dentistry

Our research group aims to improve dental care, so that more people receive better oral and dental healthcare across Wales, the UK and beyond.


Disease Mechanisms Group

Our research aims to develop more effective therapies to treat disease and promote healing throughout the body, thereby benefitting patients.

Violence Research Group

Bringing about policy change and practical actions to reduce violence and alcohol related harms.


Welsh Oral Health Information Unit

We work with the Wales Dental Epidemiology Co-ordinator to plan and deliver the NHS Dental Survey Programme for Wales.