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Our global impact

The School of Dentistry’s thriving and innovative research culture has one overarching aim: to produce high quality, impactful research that addresses key global challenges around oral and general health.

Beer being poured

Changing attitudes towards alcohol

Three Researchers at Cardiff University have undertaken research into how alcohol use and misuse impacts our society, and what can be done to encourage safer drinking habits.

Child at the dentist

Preventing tooth decay in children

Our research on preventing tooth decay in children underpins the Welsh Government's approach to improving oral health.

Two police officers

Reducing violent crime

We are reducing violent crime across the UK and beyond, by bringing together intelligence from medical and criminal justice departments.

A health professional supporting a bereaved family member

Understanding experiences of bereavement during the pandemic

How the COVID-19 pandemic influenced people's personal experiences of bereavement, and the support that they received.

Image of a nurse at a bedside in hospital

Improving public services

How better evidence production, synthesis and use has led to greater effectiveness and efficiency in public services.

Seaweed under water

Improving treatment of cystic fibrosis with seaweed

Developing new therapies to tackle life-threatening, drug-resistant bacterial lung infections.

Two young children cleaning teeth

Building a picture of population dental health

How quality assured surveillance of population dental health has improved national targeting of oral health promotion, planning of health services and monitoring their effectiveness.

Tropical rainforest

Using Australian tropical rainforests to help treat chronic wounds and scarring

How collaborative research with industry is identifying and evaluating new wound healing therapies from trees indigenous to the Queensland's tropical rainforests.

Image of the cross section of a blocked catheter

Early warning of urinary catheter blockage

How the development of a sensor helped enabled prediction of urinary catheter blockages, bringing relief to thousands of patients.

Image of gluten testing

Diagnosing gluten sensitivity-related neurological dysfunction

How the identification of a disease biomarker has led to the development of a new diagnostic procedure.

A selection of medical pills.

Promoting prudent prescribing of antibiotics for dental problems in primary care

Reducing unnecessary prescribing to minimise the emergence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

Row of differently coloured toothbrush heads.

Addressing poor oral health in Wales

Developing initiatives aimed at improving oral health and delivering dental care.