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Biosensors and Advanced Imaging

We carry out research and engagement activities on new and emerging technologies in biosensing and bioimaging, including development of novel instrumentation, probes and quantitative data analysis tools.


We conduct research on:

  • Next-generation optical microscopy instrumentation development.
  • Diagnostic devices with miniaturised light sources and detectors.
  • Chemically sensitive label-free bioimaging of living cells and tissues.
  • Software development for quantitative image analysis.
  • Coherent optical “nanoscopy” of single molecules/particles.
  • Development of new biochemical probes, including engineering of fluorescent proteins.
  • Nanoparticles and functionalised nanostructures for drug delivery.
  • Delivery of small molecule drugs and biopharmaceuticals.
  • Characterizing endocytic pathways for drug delivery research.
  • Production and purification of diamond nanoparticles with single photon centres.

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