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Music student busks her way around Europe

8 Medi 2017

Florence Pugh Saxophonist
Flo Pugh

Flo Pugh, a third year student at the School of Music, spent this summer travelling around Europe, paying her way by busking.

A trained singer and saxophonist, Flo has been busking in the UK for several years.

Flo Pugh Prague Saxophonist Busking
Flo busking in Prague

Departing in July, she spent her summer travelling through the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and the Netherlands, playing for crowds in the cities she visited.

When asked about why she decided to take the trip, Flo said “I realised I could make more money busking for 90 minutes than working a full day as a waitress. I absolutely love travelling and one day it just clicked that if I brought my sax with me around Europe, theoretically I should be able to fund everything as I go.”

Flo Pugh Slovenia Busking
Flo singing in Slovenia

Before departing for her trip, Flo saved enough money to cover six weeks of hostel accommodation, leaving the money she made from busking free for spending money. Over the duration of her trip she earned around £880, making €153 in just 90 minutes in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Next year she plans to do a tour of New Zealand and Australia, going one step further and performing in restaurants and hotels for free food and accommodation.

Read Flo's busking travel blog.

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