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Trading Room tech providers visit the School

16 Mawrth 2017

Cardiff Business School recently welcomed representatives from Market Squared, which provides online educational trading applications, for a live student demonstration of its Volcube platform.

The School’s 56-seater Trading Room, which is the largest facility of its type in Wales, uses the Market Squared technology, having extended its partnership with the company in 2016.

Chris Jenkins, Managing Director, Market Squared, led the the demonstration, which provided students from the School’s finance programmes with an enhanced insight into the capabilities of the industry approved Volcube platform.

The technology has recently been adopted by some of the largest financial institutions from the trading world including the Australian Stock Exchange and Euronext. It enables students to learn how to trade like a professional through a market simulator. Coupled with the School’s tuition and full-service Trading Room facility, students are empowered to develop their trading approach and personality in a controlled, and fully supported, environment.

During the demonstration, Chris Jenkins, also launched a new trading competition (running from 13 – 27 March). Winners can gain first round interviews for trading positions in one of the regional trading floors of Market Squared’s parent company OSTC. He said: “The competition is a great way for future traders to showcase their skills and their potential. It is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, get in front of trading specialists and try and secure that first professional role.”

He added: “These are exciting times for Market Squared, with new partners signing up to use our technology and more and more people benefiting from our industry standard applications.

“Meeting students and seeing how they use our technology is always a great experience, providing invaluable insight into its day-to-day use and stimulating new thinking on future developments and innovations.”

Market Squared is a subsidiary business of the proprietary trading firm OSTC. Its team members all have first-hand experience of trading, training and mentoring successful market participants who trade across a wide range of products and asset classes. Market Squared built on this experience to design Volcube to offer a unique learning experience that seamlessly combines theoretical learning with practical application.

Find out more about the products and services offered by Market Squared including the Volcube platform.

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