Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

What’s the Big Idea?

22 Mawrth 2013

What is the future of our food? Why have infections seemingly become more active? How can the suns magnetic fields affect us?

Running throughout March, Cardiff University's Big Ideas programme will stage a series of events that seek to answer these questions, and many more, to tie in alongside National Science and Engineering Week.

Big Ideas brings together the latest ideas in science and technology across the University for the public to enjoy and debate.

The programme is a great opportunity to find out what's happening in the world of science through film screenings, lectures, discussions and conversations between experts.

On Wednesday, the School of Biosciences held a 'Learn About Life' event aimed at children aged between 9 and 11. The day was a chance for scientists to show children their enthusiasm and passion for their own respective areas of biology through a series of 15-minute workshops. Children listened to talks on animal behaviour and what goes wrong in our body when we get ill.

Click here for a full list of Cardiff's Big Ideas programme of events.