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The first AI in health and care study group

Calendar Dydd Mercher 22 Mai 2019, 09:30-Dydd Gwener 24 Mai 2019, 17:00

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Paul Harper MATHS and Data Innovation Research Institute director and Steven Schockaert (COMSC) are helping to organise a 3-day Innovate UK study group with industry event on AI/Data Science in Health & Care.  It will take place in MATHS over the period 22-24 May.  More details and booking here.

 The event is for up to 40 researchers who will work in groups on a set challenge from industry (from a choice of 3-4 problems with data being provided at the event). 

 The challenges will include:

 Prediction of malaria outbreak risk (presented by isardSAT)

Using AI could prove valuable to being able in producing malaria risk infection maps.  The solution would be able to distinguish radar echoes coming from areas with water puddles in maps.  These maps could become invaluable to forecasting where malaria outbreaks will happen, monitoring their progress and potentially preventing or minimising their impacts, helping streamline and save on- the-ground resources and save lives. 

 Discovering new insight into relationships between phenotypes (health measures) and genomic variants that can inform genomic diagnosis (presented by Congenica)

The UK’s Biobank project has gathered healthcare data from 500,000 people and genotyping has been undertaken on all 500,000 participants. This data set may contain new insight into relationships between phenotypes and genomic variants. The challenge for this study group involves researchers discovering relationships between phenotypes and variants.

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