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Festival of Data Innovation

Dydd Gwener, 3 Mai 2019
Calendar 09:00-13:30

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The Data Innovation Research Institute is delighted to announce our inaugural Festival of Data Innovation. Our festival is an opportunity for all interested in data science, analytics and related disciplines, to meet, learn from each other and understand how DIRI supports research, teaching and engagement with industry

It is aimed at colleagues across all 3 colleges, research students and industry partners who work in this area and for non-experts in the field who can explore how collaborating with the DIRI could support their work. Morning talks including Keynotes, DIRI, Supercomputing Wales and the Data Innovation Accelerator will be followed by a networking lunch.


Rema Padman, Carnegie Mellon University, US

Peter Fullerton, Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics

Peter Madden, Future Cities, Cardiff University

Owain Huw, Supercomputing Wales

Ian Harvey, DIRI Research Software Engineer

Cath Roderick, Data Innovation Accelerator

Federico Cerutti, Data Science Academy

Enquiries please contact: data-innovation@cardiff.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Main Building
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