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The Data Innovation Research Institute was open between 2015 and 2021. This page shows the Institute’s past work. It is not monitored or updated.

Our research software engineers (RSEs) can contribute to or enhance your research in a number of ways.

RSEs are fast becoming a central component in research excellence. The Data Innovation Research Institute has begun to build a research culture at the University that uses the expertise of RSEs to conduct and support innovative research.

An RSE will enable you to approach a research project in the most creative and rigorous manner that produces results that are robust and easily presentable.

RSEs produce high quality, well maintained, citable, software and applications to support research across all disciplines.


  • RSEs have expertise in software development and high performance computing with a deep understanding of specific research areas that span the breadth of the University.
  • Small or large data is captured and processed cleanly, safely and professionally.
  • By working collaboratively with an RSE, your research scope and potential is explored and redefined to optimise research quality and standing.
  • Research is shared easily with others and the software can be reused or re-purposed for additional projects.
  • Software written for your research can contribute to the REF rating due to increased impact and reuse.
  • Research councils are increasingly asking for research software to be open and citable. Find out more about how software fits into EPSRC's data policy.


You may already have code that our RSEs could speed up or make more secure, or you may have a project relying on complex data capture, data processing or analysis.