Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Seeds for Seed Award

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

This scheme is currently closed.

This scheme is designed to help early career researchers collect pilot data to support a Wellcome Trust Seed Award or Research Council New Investigator Award.

The Seeds for Seed Award will fund exciting and innovative cross-disciplinary seedcorn projects which have the potential to significantly help early career researchers develop novel ideas that will go on to form part of applications to the Wellcome Trust or elsewhere. Mentors will help applicants navigate idea generation, grant writing and delivery of a successful funding outcome.

Researchers eligible to apply for this award should be within three years of starting their first lectureship and must not have previously held (as Principal Investigator) a grant award in excess of £75,000 per year. The award aims to support research staff time and consumables for the collection of preliminary data leading to submission of a first significant externally funded research grant.

Round F notice - This award will also fund clinically qualified researchers that have already obtained their PhD but are looking for small scale funding to build preliminary data and test feasibility. There are no restrictions on career stage for clinicians other than the completion of a PhD. All Clinical Researchers should identify a suitable sponsor for their project from within the College of Biomedical Life Sciences and have proven ability to support the career development of the individual.

'As an early career researcher, the Seeds for Seed Award gives me the chance to develop a completely new research idea and to gain valuable pilot data for future competitive fellowship and grant applications.'

Dr Matthias Gruber Principal Research Fellow


  • Maximum duration of each award: Variable length
  • Maximum amount of each award: £20,000

How to apply

ISSF3 Seeds for Seed Award Application

Application form for ISSF3 Seeds for Seed Award

ISSF Seeds for Seed Award Guidance

Guidance document for ISSF3 Seeds for Seed Award

Further information

For more information about  funding calls, application forms, panels please contact:

Hasnae Khamlichi

Research Support Officer