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A strong national economy needs a flourishing network of local economies. These are ... consistently undermined by the sprawl of supermarkets and other chains - the kind of businesses that are most likely to leave in times of trouble. We should be ensuring money stays in local communities … and encouraging diverse high streets rather than clone towns.

New Economics Foundation

Community Gateway is working towards this ambition by partnering with Cardiff University Enterprise Team, Cardiff Business School and Grangetown Community Action (GCA) to co-produce a model of reviving independent highstreets that can be applied to declining shopping districts across the city region.

Our students and GCA have partnered since 2015 to develop ideas to revive high streets in Grangetown. This project has put these ideas into action. Through practical initiatives we explored opportunities to strengthen local economies and support independent businesses.

Ideas were piloted in Grangetown and learning is beginning to be shared across the city region. The pilot has focused on four key aims:

  1. Develop a practical model to work towards reviving local high streets and strengthening local economies, sharing learning, equipment and resources across the city region.
  2. Initiate a community-led, sustainable street market showcasing local suppliers and increasing footfall to the Grangetown area.
  3. Help businesses adapt to the challenges they face by developing a monthly Business Forum for independent business owners who are willing to promote each other and Grangetown, access training, and collectively campaign on local issues.
  4. Develop skills and behaviours for innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst our students.
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Grangetown World Market

Grangetown World Market was held on 22 July 2017, developed from a comprehensive plan put together by nine undergraduate marketing students from Cardiff Business School. Working in partnership with 25 local residents, staff and students secured seventeen independent stall-holders: nine Grangetown businesses, two enterprises run by University staff or students, and six from further afield in the city region. Despite some very British weather, an estimated 200 people visited the market.

A second market, the Grangetown World Winter Market, was held on the first Saturday in December. Thanks to data supplied by Cardiff University graduate students, who carried out an evaluation at the July event, and to staff, community volunteers, and the enthusiasm of the stallholders, the winter market was able to build on the format's earlier success. New links have also been formed between the University and community, including with young entrepreneurs, with schools, and with representatives of local Hindu, Muslim and Chinese communities.

Business Forum

In collaboration with GCA, the project team has also established a Business Forum, which in 2017 held five events. Topics - covering challenges identified by the local business community - have included marketing, cash flow, increasing sales, adding value, business rates and parking. Feedback has demonstrated their value to businesses, and has highlighted demand for specific training and an online forum. In partnership with Grangetown residents, the team is developing recommendations for evolution of the forum.

The Grangetown brand

Following creation of a Grangetown logo by the creatives who developed the Get Lost in Cardiff brand, the group continues to develop the Grangetown brand, and a map has been created to showcase Grangetown's independent businesses.

Grangetown residents are now collaborating with others across the Capital Region. Residents of Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taf - who have also shown an interest in developing their own business map - have been sharing experiences with Grangetown representatives, with a shared ambition to gain local authority support for future resident-led action.


Rosie Cripps

Rosie Cripps

Project Manager, Community Gateway

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