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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Aquaporins in Health and Disease

Nobel Prize winner supports new book publication: water channels as targets for drug discovery

8 Rhagfyr 2015

Prof. Angela Casini from Cardiff School of Chemistry announces the publication of a new pioneering book

Coloured Beakers

Chemistry in Health

4 Rhagfyr 2015

AS-level students learn about Chemistry in Health

Best overseas student

School of Chemistry Prize for Best Overseas Student

30 Tachwedd 2015

It is with great pleasure that we announce the presentation of the first ever School of Chemistry Prize for Best Overseas Student to Ziyao Lu.

Rebecca Melen

Gwobr glodfawr i ymchwilydd ar ddechrau ei yrfa

25 Tachwedd 2015

Dr Rebecca Melen yn ennill gwobr am gyflawniadau rhagorol mewn ymchwil catalysis.

Research Lab

Chemistry Week is approaching and the School of Chemistry is getting involved

13 Tachwedd 2015

15-22 November is Chemistry week, and there are events all across Cardiff, Wales and the UK.

innovation award for gold catalyst

Gwobr arloesedd fyd-eang am gatalydd aur

9 Tachwedd 2015

Sefydliad Catalysis Caerdydd yn ennill gwobr fyd-eang am arloesi catalydd newydd ecogyfeillgar i weithgynhyrchu finyl clorid.

Celebrating excellence awards

Dr Chris Morley shortlisted for Cardiff Celebrating Excellence Awards 2015

4 Tachwedd 2015

The School of Chemistry wishes to congratulate Dr Chris Morley, as he is one of the shortlisted nominees for this year’s Celebrating Excellence Awards.

Professor Nigel Richards

Professor Nigel Richards takes over as the new Head of the Biological Chemistry Section

23 Hydref 2015

Following his recent appointment to the School of Chemistry, Professor Nigel Richards takes over as the new Head of the Biological Chemistry Section.


New EPSRC Funding for Fundamental Alzheimer’s Research

13 Hydref 2015

Dr Jamie Platts has been awarded a new research grant for fundamental research into the important properties of peptides implicated in Alzheimer's disease

China visit

School of Chemistry forges new partnerships with Chinese universities

5 Hydref 2015

Five academic staff members from Cardiff School of Chemistry travelled to China to participate in bilateral conferences with North West Polytechnic in Xi’an and Xiamen University