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Safety Week

SW Cropped

Providing advice on promoting safety in the community.

The idea

Local residents emphasised the importance of feeling safe and secure in their community.

During our consultations residents talked about working together to ensure young people are not exposed to illegal substances or gang culture and engaging more closely with community police officers.


Safety Week, a week full of activities providing advice on safety in the community, was launched by Grangetown Community Action and Community Gateway in November 2015.

Every year during Safety Week, the partnership works closely with local service providers to address issues raised by residents such as safety on the roads, home safety and safety on the streets.

Activities during the week have included:

  • free first aid training by St John Cymru Wales
  • home safety checks by SW Fire and Rescue and SW Police
  • cycling advice and free bike checks by Dr Bike and I Want to Ride my Bike
  • Neighbourhood Watch meetings
  • Cuppa with a Copper
  • Paws on Patrol
  • substance misuse talks
  • information sessions on hate crime and how to report it
  • kit demonstrations by SW Fire and Rescue
  • an operation BANG (Be A Nice Guy) football tournament.


Following the City and South Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting the Fire Service Commander Steve Richards sent an email demonstrating the impact of Safety Week in Grangetown stating: “What is encouraging and possibly needs sharing is that there were no fire related incidents in Grangetown for December following ‘Safety Week’".

Everyone was also very impressed with Cardiff University's engagement with the community and mentioned the benefits of the collaborative working relationships that have developed by bringing lots of stakeholders together on this project.

Other highlights have included:

  • Youth Forum Sensor champions presenting research on safety in Grangetown to members of the community, councillors and local services
  • Local residents receiving first aid training
  • Local residents receiving free bike safety advice and free bike repairs
  • Young people taking part in a Safety Week football tournament
  • Young people engaging with the local fire and police service and learning how to stay safe
  • Switched on Learn engaging with young people and gave them information on substance abuse
  • Cardiff Kicks was launched at Grange Gardens 3G pitch
  • Conversations were had with local people about hate crime and how to report it
  • A local Neighbourhood Watch meetings taking place

Next steps

Safety week 2019 will take place between 28 October - 1 November