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Youth Forum

Youth Forum

The young people of Grangetown have been engaging with community projects, sports and training in their local area.

The idea

Grangetown has a huge population of young people. The aim of the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is to connect them with every aspect of Community Gateway and the Grange Pavilion development.


Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is incredibly popular with the young people in Grangetown with between 30-40 children of all ages attending sessions on a weekly basis every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Having initially started as a Community Gateway project, the Youth Forum recently became an independent entity as a Community Interest company in 2021. The group provides opportunities for young people to support and engage with various activities in the Grangetown community such as the business forum, football clubs and University visits. Youth Forum members also contribute to Grange Pavilion CIO through the presence on the Board, feeding into the wider work of the Pavilion and ensuring youth representative can play a more central role strategically.

Key outputs

  • Strong partnerships and relationships formed with local and national organisations such as Welsh Rugby Union, Street Games running a Doorsteps Sports Club at Grange Pavilion and Cardiff City Foundation running their Kicks programme.
  • Working with Cardiff University academic staff from different Schools to co-design and collaborate on projects and funding applications for young people to engage in, gain new skills and raise aspirations. Examples include successfully collaborating with Community Gateway for 2022 Careers and Role Model Week to promote the event throughout the community.
  • Successful at the Street Games National Awards winning a National Doorstop Engagement Award for their work bringing sport into the community in 2017.
  • YF Girls Group formed in 2021 attended and won the Young Change Makers Award following their successful project on empowerment and health & wellbeing.
  • Registered as Community Interest companies (CIC) in October 2021.
  • Successful applications for Winter of Wellbeing and Summer of Smiles initiative to Cardiff Council’s Child Friendly Cardiff securing almost £10K of funding to run activities for young people in 2022.

Follow the GP Youth Forum on Twitter for more updates on their activities.

Youth Forum

Next steps

To continue to champion the ideas and views of young people from Grangetown and help it to inform the work of Community Gateway and the Grange Pavilion and to provide young people with the platform to access opportunities available at Cardiff University.

For further information or to connect with the Youth Forum contact Ali Abdi:

Ali Abdi

Ali Abdi

Community Gateway Partnerships Manager