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Extracurricular opportunities

We encourage you to share your passion and enthusiasm for science and to develop skills in public engagement and outreach.

Engagement events

Studying with us provides a valuable opportunity for you to get involved with our public engagement work, developing the skills required to meet your career choices, whether you are interested in teaching, entrepreneurship, or research. This might include giving public talks, developing educational resources for teachers, working with schools, or seeking public input into research.

Through our Cardiff Award Scheme, we recognise extra-curricular activities and focus on students’ professional development.

STEM ambassadors

As a STEM ambassador, you can inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). As part of this scheme, you will join a national network of like-minded communicators in which you can easily find out about outreach and careers events held near you and thrive in this area.


Recognising its importance in the modern world, we offer a range of volunteering opportunities.

Check out Cardiff Chemistry students volunteering in Tanzania.

Open Days and other events

Encouraging you to volunteer with Open Days provides the opportunity to talk to the public about science and inspire young people to learn more about chemistry.

We also offer you the chance to take part in scientific fairs and festivals, such as Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, New Scientist Live, the Cardiff Science Festival, and events at the National Museum of Wales, as well as taking to the streets with our innovative 'Science Busking' programme.