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The MIST study is a Realist Evaluation of the Multi-Disciplinary Intervention Service, Torfaen.


This research project was undertaken with the Multi-disciplinary Intervention Service Torfaen (MIST) service in Torfaen and focuses on the work coming from this particular team and location. MIST works with children and young people aged between 5 – 21 years old. They provide a community and family based alternative to residential care for children and young people with complex mental health needs. The aim of this commissioned research was to generate an independent understanding of the keys aspects of the MIST model as it is delivered within Torfaen, one that is informed by theoretical concepts, relevant external evidence and policy context.

MIST evaluation

The research began in January 2017 and was carried out over a period of eight months.

Researchers from the Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University, undertook a series of observations of MIST activities, collated and reviewed relevant literature and project documentation, as well as meeting with and interviewing a total of 22 staff and stakeholders including the children and young people and foster carers. All of these activities together provided a rich source of information enabling us to identify factors associated with the delivery of a MIST service, what it does, and how it works for those involved. There are significant challenges facing providers within this sector, from understanding what works, to managing costs associated with residential care, delivering better clinical outcomes and the intensive support from provisions such as MIST: The findings summarised in the project report will therefore be of interest and relevance to practitioners, local authorities and other stakeholders working in the care system.


Chief Investigator(s)
Funder(s) Action for Children

Key facts

Start date 1 Jan 2017
End date 1 Sep 2017
Grant value £30,292
  • Main report in press

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