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HealthWise Wales

HealthWise Wales is a national flagship initiative, funded by the Welsh Government, aiming to recruit 260,000 (10% of the adult population) people over the age of 16 either living in Wales or accessing healthcare in Wales, to take part in the design, conduct and analysis of health and social care research.

Why get involved in research


HealthWise Wales is a unique opportunity for people currently living in Wales or accessing their health services in Wales, over 16 years old, to take part in shaping the health and wellbeing of future generations in Wales, and help the NHS in Wales to plan for the future.

A fundamental objective of HealthWise Wales is that research should be public driven and public lead. To achieve this, researchers will encourage and facilitate the public to take ‘ownership’ of the project. Gaining and maintaining public trust will be crucial in the success of these aims.

Study aim

HealthWise Wales aims to improve the health and well-being of the Welsh population.

It is the first time a national population study has been conducted in the UK. This builds on a proud history of health research in Wales and specifically large long term studies, for example, the Caerphilly Cohort Study. Data will be collected online because online data collection is fast and efficient.

For those who are unable to complete the online questionnaires, a telephone service has also been provided to allow people to complete the study over the phone.

Involving the public or patients

Involving and engaging the population of Wales is crucial to the success of HealthWise Wales. Members of the public sit on the Scientific Steering Committee who provide independent oversight of the project. There is also a public delivery board who act as the ‘champion’ of public interest in the direction, design and conduct of research and the public’s role in it.


Key facts

Start date 29 Feb 2016
End date 15 Nov 2021
  • Recruiting

If you are over 16 and live in Wales, you can become part of the largest ever study in the country to contribute to the health of the nation.

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