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Supporting activity engagement in people with Huntington’s disease.

Physical activity interventions have the potential to be a cost efficient approach to optimise function in neurodegenerative disease. However, adherence to such interventions is critical. We developed and evaluated the feasibility of a physical activity coaching intervention compared with social contact in Huntington's disease (HD). We also developed a novel approach for remote data entry for the purposes of this trial and implemented initial health economic process evaluations for costing intervention development and delivery.

The study was conducted in HD specialist clinics with intervention delivery in the home environment. People with HD were randomly allocated to the ENGAGE-HD physical activity coaching intervention or a social interaction intervention.

Results suggested that a physical activity coaching intervention is feasible and can improve self-efficacy, physical activity behaviour and cognition in people with HD.


Chief Investigator(s)
Funder(s) Health and Care Research Wales
Sponsor Cardiff University
ISRCTN 65378754