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Developing clinical applications for a novel multi-task functional assessment

The Clinch Token Transfer Test (C3T) is a novel multi-task functional assessment that has great potential as a sensitive end point for use in clinical trials in neurodegeneration and neurodysfunction.

Initial development has focussed on Huntington’s Disease (HD). This project will deliver a professionally designed extended MBT assessment that will include associated automated classification algorithms embedded in a clinically valid application (App) to automate measures important in the quantification of upper limb function in Huntington’s Disease (HD). This will ensure longevity of use in varied clinical applications and facilitate extension to varied neurological conditions. Combining clinical expertise in outcome measure development with signal processing, biomechanics and computing skills will lead to the development of a first of its kind, quantitative assessment of upper limb function for HD. It will generate the easily interpretable and sensitive data necessary to form valid clinical conclusions when developing an intervention that is intended to target neurodegeneration and neurodysfunction. This project will also establish the concept in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) as a first step to wider implementation in an area where there is a clear unmet clinical need.

Key facts

Start date 1 Sep 2016
End date 31 Aug 2017
Grant value £97,847
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