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Public engagement through policy and business

We broaden the impact of our research to enact widescale, systemic change for public benefit.

For government public policy to be effective, it needs to be grounded in evidence and informed by research. Engaging with policy makers and businesses is one of the ways we can broaden the impact of research beyond academia. Working with these audiences is key to enacting widescale, systematic change for public benefit.

Our researchers collaborate with all levels of governance, encompassing both the UK government, devolved administrations, and local authorities alike. We help to ensure that their decisions around public policy are aligned with the latest high-quality research and incorporate diverse public voices.

Our varied research has informed many areas of public policy, including:

Working in partnership with professions, businesses, and industry allows us to share and generate new knowledge to spark innovation and positive change that have a direct relevance to society and the environment, such as:

In parallel with traditional university values of striving for academic excellence, we use our broad and world-leading knowledge and skills to find practical solutions to problems and challenges through active collaboration with industry.

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