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Research Programme and Themes

Director of Research: Professor Dinah Gould

Cardiff School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies is one of the top nursing research departments in the UK.  The research of the staff and postgraduate students leads to the publication of high quality papers and books and informs the development of health policy as well as clinical and educational practice.  Postgraduate students benefit from bespoke research facilities located in the City Centre with easy access to The Graduate Centre, The Graduate College and key research collaborators.

Much of our work is characterised by interdisciplinarity with many staff working at the interface of nursing and cognate disciplines and contributing to the advancement of knowledge and understanding which transcends disciplinary boundaries.  Our research is designed to produce findings which will help to answer questions of policy relevance to health and social care.  Research activity includes original studies, methodological innovation, the development and evaluation of empirically-based instruments and the review, synthesis and translation of evidence.  Research undertaken within the School is increasingly influencing the evolution of the health and social care system and is shaping system change through the application of our findings and the utilisation of instruments arising from our empirical and theoretical work.  We enjoy strong links with clinical practice and work closely with our partner NHS trusts. 

Research themes: