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Mr Mohammad Marie 

  • Overview
PhD student Mohammad Marie
Position:PhD Student

Telephone:02920 917820
Location:Room 702a, 7th Floor, Eastgate House, 35 - 43 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0AB


‘The Resiliency of Palestinian community mental health nurses in occupied Palestinian territories’.


Dr Ben Hannigan and Dr Aled Jones


Mohammad is currently a full-time PhD student fully funded from Annajah National University , Nablus City in occupied Palestine. The objective of the study is to discover the sources of resiliency among nurses who have worked in very difficult conditions under occupation. The findings will be used to focus on and develop interventions to support nurses. The study will be a qualitative one; the researcher will use in depth interviews to explore the nurses' experiences and will observe their workplace environment.

Background and Experience

Mohammad is a senior nurse who already has an extremely high level of clinical and teaching experience. He has been a registered Staff Nurse in Governmental and nongovernmental hospitals for 11 years, working across a wide range of specialisms, including, surgical, medical, emergency room, OR, ICU, CCU, ENT, Burn unit, neonate, pediatric, orthopedic, urology, maxillofacial, outpatient clinics, and within the ambulance service.    

As a lecturer within the School of Nursing at Annajah National University he had taught a wide range of theory and clinical courses at Undergraduate and Master level. These include: Clinical Instructor for the MSc in Community Mental Health Nursing Program and as Clinical Instructor of Nursing Students (BSc) at undergraduate level.

Previous research

Relationship Between Anxiety And Self-Concept Among Summer Camps Adolescents At Ramallah Area, Application of Patient Rights Among Hospitalised Patients: A study Conducted In Nablus And Tulkarem Hospitals, The Contribution of Intimate Relationship and Physical and Psychological Shaping Among Couples In Nablus City –Palestine, Mental Health Of Nurses In Governmental Hospitals In West Bank\Palestine, Anxiety Level Of Students At Annajah University.