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Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology

Running shoes with reflective markers.
About the Centre

The Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology (RCCK) is a well-equipped facility for biomechanical and physiological measurement. The lab is used for answering clinical questions predominantly in the area of rehabilitation. The three research areas are:

  • Rehabilitation - measurement of efficacy, progression and outcome of acute and chronic conditions
  • Promoting and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle
  • Evaluation of healthcare service delivery and development of professional practice

Research Centre for Clinical Kinesiology

The RCCK is a movement analysis laboratory which can be used to measure characteristics of any kind of human movement such as walking, jogging, sit-to-standing and standing balance for purposes of clinical rehabilitative research.

Research Projects

Research at the RCCK can be divided into four sub-themes: diabetic neuropathy, musculo-skeletal conditions, neurological conditions and respiratory conditions.

Staff and Students

School Staff and Postgraduate students who are associated with the Research Centre.