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About the Centre

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The Research Centre for Kinaesiology (RCCK) is a well-equipped facility for biomechanical and physiological measurement. The laboratory is used for answering clinical questions predominantly in the area of rehabilitation. The three thematic areas identified by the School for its research are:

  • Rehabilitation - measurement of efficacy, progression and outcome of acute and chronic conditions
  • Promoting and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle
  • Evaluation of healthcare service delivery and development of professional practice

The research carried out at the RCCK is integral to these themes and aims to have an impact on clinical practice as well as management. Therefore, research is not only carried out in the laboratory but also in the clinical setting applying the expertise and principles developed in the laboratory.

Our main interests focus on functional movements that are part and parcel of regular daily activities. The aim is to understand functional movement in healthy people and the changes that occur in the presence of acute and chronic conditions. Some of these changes will be helpful adaptations and other changes will lead to further complications and we aim to understand the difference.

In general, we are interested in how exercise can help to improve movement disorders, fitness and functional performance in a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine and respiratory conditions. Physical exercise is considered a healthy activity to maintain fitness but can also cause injuries. Avoiding the negative effects of exercise and preventing re-injury is therefore an important component of our research as well. Another topic of interest is the effect of exercise and activity on rehabilitation patients in relation to their mobility and health-related quality of life; including assessing basic capabilities for mobility are sit-to-standing, quiet standing, walking and negotiating steps and stairs. Ultimately, our aim is to inform rehabilitation practitioners and generate evidence on the effectiveness of treatment. This should provide guidance for clinical treatment objectives and innovation.

There are a number of researchers, PhD, MSc and BSc students from the Department of Physiotherapy involved in this research and we collaborate with other Schools in Cardiff University and other universities in the UK, Europe and abroad. Research at the RCCK has an international reputation has been included in the recent Research Assessment Exercise.

If you have any questions related to our work please feel free to contact us.

Prof Robert van Deursen

Position:Research Professor
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Telephone: +44 (0)29 206 87687Extension: 87687
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