Infection and immunity

Our research extends from basic mechanisms of infection and immunology to translation directly impacting diagnosis, management and prevention of disease.

Infection and Immunity

Our work ranges from the laboratory into the real world, where it engages and informs different sectors concerned with healthcare.

It translates directly into improvements in patient care and clinical practice, across a range of different disciplines and representing a number of different approaches.

Our research is grouped into three sub-themes, each led by an integrated team of non-clinical and clinical academic staff who deliver fundamental and applied research of translational relevance.



Members research the molecular, cellular and immunological processes that drive chronic inflammatory disease, cardiovascular disease and disorders in haemostasis as well as the inflammatory response to infection.


Members have a broad range of research interests with particular strengths in virology, viral immunology, antimicrobial resistance and diagnosis of fungal infection.


Research groups work in the areas of cellular and molecular immunology. The section brings together clinicians and scientists and ranges from structural studies of receptors through to clinical immunotherapy trials.

Our researchers collaborate locally with clinical and basic interests via multiple university wide interdisciplinary research centres.