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Preliminary Year Maths Modules

These are compulsory modules for many preliminary year students. The topics range from GCSE to A-level standard and are designed to be an introduction to any students taking a scientific discipline requiring mathematics. Any students not formally registered on these modules are required to contact Dr. Wilson ( before attending any of the classes.

The Spring Semester Module, MA0004 - Preliminary Mathematics II, focussing on the basics of Probability and Statistics. An outline of the timetable for the Spring semester is included below.

Spring Semester - Lecture Timetable (subject to change)

Lectures: Monday 17.10-18.00 (Room M0.40), Tuesday 09.00-09.50, (Room M/0.40)

Tutorials: Monday 10.00-10.50, School of Mathematics (Room M/1.02 & Room M1.10)

Note that the Monday tutorials are used to discuss examples from the previous weeks lectures.