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Director of Research co-leads second retreat for women in applied mathematics

4 April 2024

Nneka Umeorah presenting her research at the Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics (RWAM)

The Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics (RWAM) 2024, held at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh, was organised by our Director of Research, Prof Angela Mihai, in collaboration with Prof Apala Majumdar from the University of Strathclyde.

This event aimed to provide a supportive platform for women working in applied mathematics to exchange insights on many professional aspects, including funding opportunities, career advancement, and teaching practices.

A highlight of the retreat was its diverse participant base, comprising individuals at various stages of their careers, from PhD candidates to established professors. This diversity enriched the discussions and fostered creativity within the program.

One of the attendees was Dr Nneka Umeorah who presented her research on Barrier Options and Greeks: modelling with Neural Networks.

The Retreat for Women in Applied Mathematics 2024 provided me with invaluable insights into career progression, mentorship opportunities, and scientific networking. It was inspiring to see such a diverse group of mathematicians come together to support and empower each other in our shared pursuit of mathematical excellence.
Dr Nneka Umeorah Lecturer

Addressing the underrepresentation of women in mathematics, the retreat implemented a mentor-mentee scheme to pair aspiring mathematicians with experienced mentors. Such initiatives are crucial for providing guidance, encouragement, and career advice to women navigating their academic and professional paths.

Organising events like these is both a privilege and a joy. It's about more than breaking barriers; it's about forging pathways for excellence and nurturing a community where every voice matters. It was a great opportunity for me to proudly represent the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University, showcasing our commitment to empowering mathematicians from diverse backgrounds.
Professor Angela Mihai Professor of Applied Mathematics

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