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Silver Athena Swan triumph for our school

11 April 2024

Academics (Dr John Harvey, Prof Tim Phillips), Head of School (Dr Jonathan Thompson), School Manager (Dr Carol Hickman), Director of EDI (Dr Ana Ros Camacho), staff (Caroline Frame, Cath Noble, Chris Meadows) and PhD students (Shauna Ford, Fan Wu) at the celebration event.

Our school has proudly received the Silver Athena Swan award, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the field of mathematics.

This achievement underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, and we stand as the only mathematics school in Wales to have received this prestigious award.

Academics, staff and PHD students came together to celebrate the award on Monday 8 March, all of whom have played vital role in embedding EDI principles throughout our school.

Some of these EDI principles have included:

  • Facilities and services have been enhanced to accommodate individuals with disabilities and diverse gender identities. Through comprehensive equality impact assessments, improvements such as low-level door pads for accessibility, gender-inclusive bathrooms, and disability-friendly amenities have been implemented, ensuring a welcoming environment for all.
  • The launch of the Special EDI-tion Colloquium series in May 2021 provided a platform for discussions on EDI matters within the mathematics community, fostering dialogue and awareness among students and staff. Topics ranging from the importance of role models to LGBTQ+ inclusion have sparked meaningful conversations and paved the way for a more inclusive environment.
  • The introduction of the Teaser forum in March 2022 helped to further facilitate open exchanges on teaching and supervisory practices, with a focus on inclusivity and fairness.
  • Recognising the pivotal role of education in promoting EDI values, all first-year students also complete an online module on EDI, with additional briefing sessions delivered by the Director of EDI to all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

This award is testament to our collective commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We remain dedicated to advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion in mathematics within our school and the wider community.
Dr Jonathan Thompson Head of School

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