Period on Planar Algebras and Physics          15 February – 5 March 2010


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The first lecture will be at 13.10 on Monday 15 February in room M/2.06.

The final talks will be on Friday 5 March.

Most of the talks will be held in room M/2.06 on the second floor of the School of Mathematics. A few talks will be held in room M/1.10 on the first floor.


Series of talks by


  • Week 1           Jürgen Fuchs (Karlstad)

                              Pinhas Grossman (Cardiff)


  • Week 2           Richard Burstein (Vanderbilt)

                              Shamindra Ghosh (KU Leuven)


  • Week 3           Julien Bichon (Clermont)

                              Stephen Bigelow (UCSB)


Also: individual talks by other speakers. See programme and timetable below.



Embedded in the planar period is the WIMCS Mathematical Physics Colloquium at Swansea
26 February: Marcos Mariño (Geneva), Richard Thomas (Imperial)



Programme and Abstracts of talks


The programme is available here, which includes the abstracts of the talks.

The timetable is available here.





  • Edwin Beggs (Swansea)
  • Julien Bichon (Clermont)
  • Stephen Bigelow (UCSB)
  • Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea)
  • Richard Burstein (Vanderbilt)
  • Paramita Das (Leuven)
  • Ben Davison (Oxford)
  • David Evans (Cardiff)
  • Jürgen Fuchs (Karlstad)
  • Shamindra Ghosh (Leuven)
  • Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea)
  • Oliver Gray (Bristol)
  • Pinhas Grossman (Cardiff)
  • Ved Gupta (Leuven)
  • Amihay Hanany (Imperial)
  • Jan Holland (Cardiff)
  • Stefan Hollands (Cardiff)
  • Yang-Hui He (Oxford)
  • Nikolay Ivanov (Veliko Tarnovo)
  • Thomas Kaltenbrunner (DIAS)
  • Pawel Kasprzak (Copenhagen)
  • Alastair King (Bath)
  • Nadia Larsen (Oslo)
  • Gregor Leilor (Cardiff)
  • Amin Malik (Oslo)
  • Marcos Mariño (Geneva)
  • Eric Morfa-Morales (ESI, Vienna)
  • George Napolitano (Copenhagen)
  • Heiner Olbermann (Cardiff)
  • Mathew Pugh (Cardiff)
  • Alex Quintero-Velez (Glasgow)
  • Sven Raum (Leuven)
  • Florian Robl (Cardiff)
  • Claire Shelly (Cardiff)
  • Richard Thomas (Imperial)
  • Martin Vachovski (DIAS)
  • Adrian Vazquez Marquez (Swansea)
  • Peter West (King’s)



School of Mathematics


The Library and Pi Cyber Café are both located on the ground floor of the School of Mathematics, location (42) on the Cardiff University locations guide:

There is also a Common Room on the first floor (M/1.04) where people can gather and where there are coffee/tea facilities.


Opening Hours:


School of Mathematics


Pi Cyber Café

Mon – Fri:

07.45 – 21.30

Mon – Fri:

08.45 – 21.30

Mon – Thurs:

08.30 – 20.15


10.00 – 17.30


10.00 – 17.30


09.00 – 15.00





Sat & Sun:



If you wish to enter/leave the School of Mathematics outside its opening hours you will need to sign in/out at the Security Centre in Park Place, directly opposite 52-53 Park Place, location (35) on the Cardiff University locations guide:



Accommodation & Places to eat


For a list of places to eat in Cardiff near the School of Maths and in the City Centre, see here.

For a list of accommodation in Cardiff, click here.


For other lists of accommodation in Cardiff, see:


There is an international rugby match in Cardiff on 26th Feb, so finding accommodation might be difficult for that night.

You are advised to book early. Should you have any difficulties finding accommodation for that weekend please contact Mathew Pugh,


Accommodation information at Swansea: maybe useful if accommodation at Cardiff becomes impossible due to the rugby event mentioned above.



How to get to Cardiff


For directions to Cardiff University, see here.

For maps and university locations, see here.



IT Facilities


Temporary username and password will be available on arrival, which will enable you to log in to the Cardiff University network.

Access to computers is available in two computing labs (M/0.33, M/0.35) on the ground floor of the School of Mathematics.

You will be able to save documents on the network, but you will need to retrieve these files before you leave.




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