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Mathematical Physics - Group History

On 1 May 1998, the Operator Algebras Group around David E Evans moved from Swansea to Cardiff. His postdoctoral fellows to date (funded by EPSRC, EU, the University of Wales, INdAM and the GB-Sasakawa foundation) are:

1 T. Loring (Ph.D. Berkeley 1986)

2 T. Matsui (Ph.D. Kyoto 1985)

3 E.G. Beggs (D.Phil. Oxford 1988)

4 S. Majid (Ph.D. Harvard 1988)

5 T. Yamanouchi (Ph.D. UCLA 1990)

6 M. Izumi (Ph.D. RIMS, Kyoto)

7 H. Su (Ph.D. Toronto 1992)

8 M. Nazarov (Ph.D. Moscow 1988)

9 A. Recknagel (Ph.D. Bonn 1993)

10 T. Isola (Ph.D. Rome 1993)

11 F.P. Boca (Ph.D. UCLA 1994)

12 J. Bockenhauer (Ph.D. Hamburg 1996)

13 S. Winkler (Ph.D. UCLA 1996)

14 S. Goto (Ph.D. Tokyo Univ. 1996)

15 P. Goldstein (Ph.D. Wales 1997)

16 R. Behrend (Ph.D. Melbourne 1997)

17 S. Neshveyev (Ph.D. Kharkov 1999)

18 R. Popescu (Ph.D. Lyon)

19 P. S. Chakraborty (Ph.D. Kolkatta)

20 A. Agostnini (Ph.D. Naples)

21 J. Fjelstad (Ph D Karlstad)

22 P. Grossmann (Phd Berkeley)

23 O. Uuye (Phd Penn State)

24 R. Hillier (PhD Univ Tor Vergata, Rome)

Masaki Izumi went from Swansea to a Miller Fellowship at Berkeley, and in September 1996 took up a permanent position at Tokyo University. In April 1999, he moved to Kyoto University. The Mathematical Society of Japan created in 1996 a new prize for young Japanese mathematicians, the Takebe prize. Masaki Izumi was selected as one of the first winners of this prize. He was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad, India in 2010.

Take Yamanouchi left for a tenured position with David Evans' collaborator Akitaka Kishimoto in Hokkaido whilst Taku Matsui moved in April 1997 from Tokyo Metropolitan University to a full professorship at Kyushu University.

Terry Loring was a postdoc at Dalhousie after leaving Swansea, and is now an Associate Professor at Albuquerque.

Shahn Majid has subsequently held an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship at Cambridge and a Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellowship there. In September 1999, he moved to a readership at QMVC, London gaining promotion to a personal chair in September 2001.

Hongbing Su was partially supported by a Canadian NSERC fellowship whilst here, and then became a postdoctoral fellow at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences in Toronto.

Andreas Recknagel moved from Swansea to an EU postdoctoral fellowship at ETH Zurich, followed by postdoc positions at IHES, Paris and Potsdam, Germany. In September 2000, he became a lecturer at King's College, London. Maxim Nazarov was initially funded at Swansea by a University of Wales postdoctoral fellowship and then by an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship which he transferred to York in September 1996, together with an EPSRC funded Research Associate Andrew Jones (GR/K79406). Maxim was an invited speaker at the Innternational Congress of Mathematics in Beijing in 2002.

Tommaso Isola has a permanent position in Rome (Tor Vergata). After the completion of his Advanced Fellowship, Florin Boca moved to an associate professorship at Urbana in August 2001. Sergey Neshveyev now has a permananent appointment in the Mathematics Department at the University of Oslo and Paul Goldstein in the University of Zagreb.

Pinhas Grossman left for a postdoctoral fellowship at IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is now a permanent lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Robin Hillier left for  a permanent lectureship at Lancaster.