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Operational Research and Statistics Seminars 2009 - 2010


Modelling in Health Technology Assessment: Principles and a Case Study in Rheumatoid Arthritis (South Wales Operational Research Discussion Society seminar)

Wednesday 14 October, 5:30pm

Speaker: Pelham Barton (University of Birmingham).

Control and Elimination of Polioviruses in Nigeria

Tuesday 20 October

Speaker: Helen Jenkins (Imperial College, London)

Regression on a Graph

Tuesday 27 October

Speaker: Andrew Smith (Bristol)

Statistical Inference for Pearson Diffusions with Heavy- Tailed Marginal Distributions

Tuesday 10 November

Speaker: Nenad Suvak (University of Osijek, Croatia)

Production Lot Sizing and Scheduling: Modelling and Algorithmic Issues with Applications in Brazil

Tuesday 17 November

Speaker: Alistair Clark (University of West of England)

Demand Management: The Need for Operational Planning
in Hospitals and Health Systems

Tuesday 24 November

Speaker: Tim Hankey MBE (Demand Management Solutions Ltd)

Optimal Designs for Multivariable Spline Models

Tuesday 1 December

Speaker: Stefanie Biedermann (University of Southampton)

Multivariate Cramer-von Mises Goodness-fit Tests

Tuesday 8 December

Speaker: Gennady Martinov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Theory. Applications on Gaussian Random Field Representation, Estimation and Limit Theory for Non-Linear functionals

Friday 4 December

Speaker: Professor Maria Dolores Ruiz-Medina (University of Granada, Spain)

Activities of the Operational Research Team in Corus Strip Products UK (South Wales Operational Research
scussion Society

Wednesday 3 February, 5:45pm

Speaker: John Albiston (Corus Strip Products UK)

How chess computers taught us humility

Wednesday 10 February, 3:10pm

Speaker: Dr Søren Riis (Queen Mary, University of London)

Beauty in Math: Turning Paradoxes into proofs (a personal account)

Thursday 11 February, 3:10pm in room M/0.34

Speaker: Dr Søren Riis (Queen Mary, University of London)

A mathematical model to assess resilience across a health care system and to assist with decisions concerning service reconfiguration

Tuesday 23 February

Speaker: Dr Christos Vasilakis (Clinical OR Unit, University College London)

Football fixture scheduling (South Wales Operational
Research Discussion Society

Wednesday 3 March, 5:45pm

Speaker: Prof Graham Kendall (University of Nottingham)

Low-rank approximation and its applications

Tuesday 9 March

Speaker: Dr Ivan Markovsky (University of Southampton)

Optimisation Algorithms at work in the Internet

Tuesday 16 March

Speaker: Prof Vic Grout (Glyndwr University)

An information-theoretic approach to dependence in fractional Brownian motion

Thursday 18 March, 12:10pm

Speaker: Ilkka Norros (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

A Tale of Two Parasites

Monday 22 March

Speaker: Prof Peter Diggle (Lancaster University)

Entropy and properties of the Poisson Distribution

Tuesday 13 April

Speaker: Dr Olly Johnson (Bristol University)

Maximum likelihood estimation of a multidimensional log-concave density

Tuesday 27 April

Speaker: Dr Richard Samworth (Cambridge University)

Solutions for Problems: The NHS and Lean Thinking
(South Wales Operational Research Discussion Society seminar)

Wednesday 14 April, 5:45pm

Speaker: Ann Esain (Cardiff)

Singular Spectrum Analysis for change-point detection in time series

Friday 4 June, 3pm

Speaker: Prof Anatoly Zhigljavsky (Cardiff)

Mathematical and computer modeling of optimisation packing problem of arbitrary shaped 2D-objects

Monday 5 July, room M/1.25

Speaker: Prof Dr Stoyan Yu (National Academy of Sciences of Ukrain)