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We have a range of accommodation venues to suit your needs.

Exterior - Colum Houses

146 Colum Road

A ground floor and first floor flat are available at Colum Road, both with two bedrooms.

Talybont Cottages

Talybont Cottages

Two spacious three-bedroom cottages at our Talybont campus.

Exterior Colum Hall

North Campus

There are two accommodation options on our North Campus: Colum Hall and Aberconway Hall.

Senghennydd Court and garden.png

South Campus

There are two accommodation options on our South Campus: Senghennydd Hall and Senghennydd Court.

Aberdare Hall

Aberdare Hall

Aberdare Hall is situated on Corbett Road which is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre.

Exterior University Hall

University Hall

University Hall stands in its own pleasant grounds approximately three miles from the city centre.

Birchwood Cottage

Birchwood Cottage

A two-bedroom cottage located at our University Hall campus.

Private sector housing

Private sector

Other accommodation options are private sector listings, letting agents and serviced apartments.

Exterior - Colum Houses

130 Colum Road

Two ground floor flats are available at Colum Road, both with one bedroom.

Exterior Talybont North

Talybont North and Talybont Gate

Talybont is an ideal residence for larger groups and is situated approximately 30 minutes walk to the city centre.